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Eastern NC Crawfish Farm

Welcome to our farm, we are a local family owned and operated business in the heart of North Carolina. We are new to the farming business but farming is not new to Wiliam or Sandra Parnell. We are both native North Carolinians and both grew up working on farms though out our childhood.  Eastern NC Crawfish Farm is a new method of Crawfish Farming. We are a deep pond crawfish farmer, this means our ponds are filled with deep water 4 to 8 ft deep like an ordinary fishing pond. We do not drain our ponds for "Crop Planting" like traditional Crawfish Farmers. This allows us to keep harvesting Crawfish from May until September. We do not harvest in the winter due to cold water temperatures. We feed our Crawfish a Scratch blend similar to chicken and or duck feed as well as blends of hay bales that are 100% pesticide free!. This means you can get your boil on during the spring, summer and fall!  We will also sell Fresh Live Crawfish that are raised here on site! Hope to see you soon!



The Parnell's

*Everyone Knows Goodnees Grows In North Carolina


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